Welcome to  Comms Source Ltd
We are Avaya & Cisco certified experts and approved partner of Gamma a UK largest network providing a comprehensive range of next generation voice, data solutions, delivering a robust, business-grade telephony service that you can rely on to keep your businesses running whatever the circumstance is vital.

Our business VoIP solutions are more flexible and lower-cost alternative to ISDN for inbound and outbound voice calls. Our market-leading service not only you a cost-effective and more flexible alternative to ISDN, our VoIP solution provides enhanced resilience to ensure you never lose a call. Whether you need to keep your businesses working in an emergency or you need to load balance your calls between sites during peak hours, our VoIP solution can deliver.

To further enhance resilience of our VoIP solution, Gamma introduced a new resilient build option called Resilience+ to give you added peace of mind. The Resilience+ design offers dual endpoints both in Active and Standby mode working off geographically diverse SBC (session border controller) HA Clusters.

What are the benefits of Gamma Resilience+

ü  Enhanced resilience
specifically designed for customers with two sites, Resilience+ offers a third standard model for maintaining your voice services.

ü  Additional failover - define both the DDI ranges and channel allocations at each site. In the event that communication to either site is unavailable, the remaining site will receive all related traffic.

ü  Flexible configuration - channels can be deployed as a split configuration, for example in a 100 channel deployment channels can be allocated in a 60/40 configuration

ü  Easy to manage - DDIs can be managed directly through the CP Portal.

ü  A geographically separate SBC cluster being available for each single endpoint

ü  Automatic failover in the event of a primary SBC cluster outage

ü  Alternate routing.

ü  A high availability SLA – 99.95%

ü  24/7 Manned Support.

Resilience+ is designed for customers that have two sites and consider business continuity to be a key requirement. This unique solution provides flexibility of DDI and channel configuration and gives you full control and management.

Our DSL-based access service designed specifically to connect customers to our IP Telephony both directly and privately. The service is provided with a set of SLAs governing certain key features:

§  Number of voice channels that the connection can support

§  Latency, jitter and packet loss

§  Service availability

§  24/7 Fault repairs

The service is delivered over a dedicated and uncontended voice-only circuit, accessed via a Comms Source provided and monitored Cisco router.

By providing all the elements of the end-to-end IP Telephony solution – the router, the broadband line, the IP telephony service which may include the handsets – Comms Source is able to provide a complete IP telephony package that you can trust.

By having complete end-to-end control and visibility of the entire IP telephony solution we can not only provide a consistently high quality voice service, we are also able to offer the 24/7 quality of support and service surround that is needed to support voice effectively. Our ability to monitor across the entire service – the internal and external router interfaces, the DSL line, our core network and our voice platforms – means we can provide the fastest possible resolution to service affecting faults if and when they happen.